About Us

Knockbridge Vintage Club is a community based organisation that co-ordinate & run local events to raise money for charities. The foundation upon which our club is built is a bedrock of community spirit and determination. We strive to be up with the top in the league.


header_bgWe have two major public events organised every year; the vintage road run & the vintage field day. In addition to this we usually have an annual old folks party and a presentation night, where money raised throughout the year is distributed to local causes. The club was set up in 2006 as a response to the growing demand for a vintage club in the area. Our first vintage show was, by comparison with the size of more recent events, quite small. It was in aid of the Louth CT scanner appeal. Fueled by the distinct enthusiasm present, the club became more professionally organised and began to have meetings on a more regular basis. This paved the way for better management of events which in turn led to a much better event and larger turnouts. Year after year these events have improved. Every year since our foundation we have had a vintage rally and a classic vehicle run. These events have done nothing but grown. This is undoubtedly due to the great ethos within the club and the associated reputation which has developed over the years. We have quickly become more professional in what we do. We like to have the job done right. We want to bring the nostalgia associated with all things vintage to all types of people, in a safe, clean and professional way.

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